The first impression of the kennel might shatter the old image of a barn yard full of yapping dogs. We like to think we have made it a wonderful home for the fuzzy babies that live here. And when it's time for the puppies to leave, they have been given the best of care; are healthy and ready for their new homes.

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Grandma Carolyn Kennel front

 "Grandma" Carolyn busy giving a bath to one of her kids. "It could be a dogs worst day." It may not be the most glamorous job, but it's high on the list of important things to do.

A view of the front entrance to the office. The facility has centeral air and gas heat in the winter. Environmentally, the animals are raised in extremely clean quality conditions.

Charlsie Kennel back door

  Charlsie (the third "C") in Three C's, works with the puppies and does her share of the spoiling before they are ready to leave for their new homes. She is attending graduate school and will earn her masters degree this year. "Poor puppies, they miss her when she's away".  Another view of the rear entrance to the kennel where the adults and population at large live. They can exercise in the 500 foot separated runs.


 By the time they get their baths, ears cleaned and nails clipped they know they are "top dog" at Three C's.

 Regular grooming is important for the dogs health and general hygiene. Besides, it really makes them feel and look like real "show dogs".

 "Grandpa " Charles gets ready for another day at the barber shop. It's is a never ending grooming routine. Charles once said, "you know Carolyn and I were not smart enough to pick a short haired breed when we started raising dogs in the 70's, we picked three long haired breeds that have to be groomed constantly". But then, we have never claimed to be smart, we just love what we do.

Even though the days can be long and the whiskers can get short at times, it's a great "stress reliever".