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Three C's  

kennel is committed to having the healthiest breeding program we possibly can.
From that, you have the assurance of getting puppies
that carry a one year
health guarantee.

From time to time our vet and her assistants come to the kennel to administer vaccinations to the general population. We don't give our own shots here!
We rely on our vet to do that. Why?

Because the dogs get a complete physical exam by our vet at that time. We
feel that cutting corners when it comes to health issues is the wrong
thing to do, therefore... we don't do it!

During their visit to the kennel, the vet and staff inspect the facilities paying
particular attention to cleanliness and the general housing facilities.

The vet staff mixing up the vaccines
OOOoo..ouch! Getting another round of shots.
"There, there, it's going to be fine". Brenda, a valuable employee at Three C's takes extra good care of all the kids.

Giving the puppies a good check up is so important...

Each year, we have serum samples taken at random from the entire kennel.
Those blood samples are sent to Cornell University Labs in Ithaca, New York
for testing. From those test we learn how effective the previous year's
vaccinations were protecting our precious babies.

Checking a puppy for a hernia.
Taking care of business
"Why, I believe we will have to throw this one back". It's two small to keep!

House Call ....

On this day Dr. Kimberly Bodner assisted by "Grandma Carolyn" gives the puppies a little"tune up". We are very fortunate to have a wonderful caring vet and her very capable staff.



Three C's is an AKC Registered Breeder

During a recent visit to the facilities the American Kennel Club inspector
(AKC) Mr. Chuck Robey was asked, "On a scale of 1 to 10 how does our
facility rate as compared to others in your territory?"

Mr. Robey commented, "Your kennel would be an "11".
Again, our goal is to raise well bred, healthy puppies. Cleanliness and a lot
of "hands on TLC" produce quality puppies with a calm and loving

AKC inspector Chuck Robey and Carolyn during a recent visit at Three C's kennel.

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