To Say Good-by

Scotties have always had a special place in our hearts. When the time comes to let them
go on another difficult journey, our lives can suddenly be turned upside down. When it
seems our hearts will surely break, time has a way of making the pain bearable. As
difficult as it may be, we must reconcile ourselves that death is a part of living.

As surely as we enjoy life, we have to believe that there will be a greater joy after this life.


In loving memory of our beloved "Madonna", one of the Three C's house kids.

A photo of the house kids under the Christmas tree. From left to right Maggie Mae, Madonna, Gunnie Mate and Captain.

This photo was taken a short time before Madonna passed away. She will forever be kept alive by her loving memory.

May 8, 1993-January 12, 2004

A few more memories.....

6 weeks before she left us. Still a beautiful girl, full of energy and still chasing squirrels ten minutes before she died.
She was the Queen and lived the part.
Always ready to chase a varmint!

If you have recently lost a loved companion or will be faced with the difficult
task of someday saying good-by, you might take a moment to visit the
"Ten Commandments
for Pet Owners".


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