Shown throughout the tour are examples of the traditional "hard coat" Westie and the
unique "triple coat". As you can see from these puppy photos, the triple coat appears
much thicker than the standard hard coat at this age.

The "Triple Coated Westie" puppy resembles a little polar bear at this age.

Three C's Puppies

The standard "hard coat" Westie

This is a triple coat saying "Hi".

Hard and Triple Coats

The triple coat on an adult Westie is obviously a little fuller and more dense that the hard coat. Shown is Three C's "Callie"
The hard coat... As an adult, Three C's standard hard coat develops into a beautiful thick coat.
This is "Dollie Madison", she's a standard hard coat and a very beautiful girl with the best personallity.


This is Three C's "Chattanooga Cho-Cho" a prefect example of the triple coat.
This Westie girl has the traditional hard coat. With good bloodlines the hard coat will become full and beautiful as an adult.
Three C's "Parker J. Riddle" Lives in Lafayette Georgia with his parents Kathy and Joe. Parker is almost eight months old and as you can see, he's a handsome little guy.


After her first puppy cut, this girl is ready for a ride in her little wagon. She is just 14 weeks old, but I bet she's ready to take on the world.
A little "fuzzy wuzzy" if I ever saw one.
This puppy is "Chattanooga Cho-Cho" (shown above) around ten weeks of age.

What's a Triple Coat? Tell me more about Three C's "Triple Coat's"

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